Hello! — Looking for ‘Canada’ t-shirts?

Once, with Canada Day approaching, I searched online for Canada t-shirts. The t-shirts available were simply not something I would want to buy, mostly due to poor designs. There was the odd shirt from mainstream retailers that looks half decent, but the price points of those were a bit steep.

Canada T-Shirts Online (this site!) is my attempt to introduce Canada gear with ‘better’ designs – available online and ready to ship to your door. The Canada gear you see in the online shop is fulfilled from our good friends at Spreadshirt who have been doing this for yeeeeears so you can have confidence in not only the quality of the merchandise but also the after-sale service.

Whether you’re a proud Canadian – or someone who came to visit our great land and are looking for a souvenir, the shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, mugs (and more!) hopefully provide you with a unique and stylish way to display some Canadiana.

Wear your pride

If you’re a proud Canadian no doubt you’ll want something to wear that displays your pride for this fantastic country. You can’t go wrong wearing a Canada t-shirt, cap, or hoodie any day of the week, no matter what the time of year.

Cheer on Team Canada

Every Christmas break the nation gathers around their screens to watch Team Canada take on other countries in the World Junior Hockey Championship. Likewise, every two years we get to do the same watching Canadian athletes compete to be the best in the world at the Olympics. What better time to put on a Canada t-shirt, cap or hoodie to cheer on your team. I’m sure you’ll find that most everyone else in the bar of your choosing is wearing something ‘Canada’ as well.

Celebrate Canada Day

July 1st is, of course, Canada Day. The nation usually gets outside and enjoys picnics with family, beers on a patio, concerts in the park – and other various events – all while decked out in red and white. Our inexpensive yet stylist Canada t-shirts are a good way to join the party. Best of all, you’ll be wearing something fairly unique — not the mass-market t-shirt you see at big name retailers.

Take home a souvenir

Maybe you spent some time in Canada on vacation or for work and want to ‘take home’ something to remember your time here. Our Canada gear likely fits the bill – especially if you’re one of those people who threatens to ‘move to Canada!’

Overcome homesickness

You moved away from the true-north-strong-and-free a while back but still yearn for all things ‘Canadian.’ Aside from a shipment of Coffee Crisp, that maple leaf coffee mug on your desk at work should help a bit – or maybe a toque for when the weather gets a bit chilly (sure, it’s warmer than back home but…)